Luxury $40,000,000
Private Residence
Lakeshore Blvd

Challenge: Refinance a unique property with complex design and construction requirements
Solution: Alpen Mortgage helped fund the project within one month of being contacted
Loan Amount: $4,700,000
Loan Type: Land Refinance and Construction
Term: 24 Months

Anyone familiar with this section of Lakeshore Blvd will know that the terrain is steep, but the views are stunning. It takes a very unique design to take full advantage of the land available, and a complex building process to bring that design to life. Not every lender is up to the challenge of such an opportunity, but Alpen Mortgage is happy to have been able to help make this project a reality.

Built on a steep incline, the architecture and engineering for this design is truly unique. But before the vision could be realized, the land needed to be secured. Within only a month of being contacted, Alpen Mortgage was able to refinance an existing loan on the property and provide additional funds for construction to begin. This is an incredibly fast turn-around for a project of this nature, and we have a very satisfied client as a result:

“The Alpen Mortgage team has proven to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in their approach to securing financing, their efficient back office personnel and process, and their ability to deliver funding based on their lenders commitments. I believe this ability is due to longstanding and solid relationships with their financing sources.”

Aqua Verde Investment Group LLC
Gary Hill